Our Mission and Commitment to Our Customers

Since incorporating in 1981, BECC Company has provided geotechnical engineering services in support of general contractors, blasting contractors, engineering firms, the insurance industry as well as state and local municipalities. Our staff works in association with the U.S. Bureau of Mines, the World Construction Vibration Association, and the International Society of Explosive Engineers (ISEE).  BECC Company maintains an experienced staff of professionals with diverse backgrounds in seismology, geology, hydrogeology, wood technology, insurance claims resolution, electrical, structural and civil engineering. BECC Company is an authorized INSTANTEL Seismograph dealer for the Northeast and the Mountain States. We provide sales, service and technical support to our clients. Our mission is to provide quality and professional geotechnical services in the most economical and timely manner, as required to complete every project on time and within budget. We aim to provide our clients with well-trained and experienced engineers and technicians to ensure confidence and pride in our performance. We clearly understand the importance of our role in each project we are involved in, and our goal is to be proud of our accomplishments.

Call Us When You Need:

  • Pre and Post-Blast Condition Surveys
  • Vibration Monitoring and Anaylysis
    * Blasting
    * General Construction
  • Underwater Sound Pressure Monitoring and Anaylysis
    * Inwater and underwater construction projects
    * Monitoring of vibration events to comply with NOAA guidelines
  • Pre Construction Surveys
  • Sales, Service and Technical Support for Instantel Seismographs
  • Assistance with State and Municipal Requirements
  • Independent Insurance Claims Resolution
  • Expert Testimony for Legal and Litigation Cases relating to construction vibration damage

Telephone: (207) 846-9268
Fax: (207) 846-1405
Mobile: (207) 650-0997


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