BECC Company is a geotechnical firm that provides vibration monitoring services

Since 1981, BECC Company has provided geotechnical engineering services in support of general contractors, blasting contractors, engineering firms, the insurance industry as well as federal, state and local municipalities.  We provide the following services in a professional, economical and timely manner:

  • Pre and Post-Blast Condition Surveys
  • Vibration Monitoring & Analysis
    * Blasting
    * General Construction
  • Underwater Sound Pressure Monitoring & Analysis
    * Inwater and underwater construction projects
    * Monitoring of vibration events to comply with NOAA guidelines
  • Pre Construction Surveys
  • Sales, Service and Technical Support for Instantel Seismographs
  • Assistance with State and Municipal Requirements
  • Independent Insurance Claims Resolution
  • Expert Testimony for Legal and Litigation Cases relating to construction vibration damage
Click here to view a sample pre-construction video Click here to view a sample gallery of pre-construction stills
BECC Co. is a certified Instantel reseller